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Allah loves Him

Allah loves Him

Al Miqdad deeply believed in Allah and His Apostle. So, our Master Muhammad [s] said about him and about some of his companions:


Allah has ordered me to love four (persons), and He has told me that He loves them. The persons are Ali, al-Miqdad, Abu-Dhar and Salman.

Our Master Muhammad [s] passed away. Some companions were certain that his successor would be Ali bin Abu-Talib [a].


Still some Muhajireen and Ansar held a meeting in Bani Saaida's Saqifa (Shelter). There was a serious competition for the Caliphate. Finally, Abu-Bakr was appointed caliph.

Al-Miqdad, Salman, Ammar, Abu-Dhar, Abu-Ayoob al-Ansary, al-Abbas bin Abdul-Muttalib, and others were surprised at that appointment. So, they stood by Imam Ali bin Abu Talib [a].

The Imam insisted on his attitude. His wife Fatima al-Zahra, our Master Muhammad's daughter, supported him.

Fatima al-Zahra was displeased with what had happened after her great father's passing away. She passed away six months after Abu-Bakr's Caliphate.

Imam Ali [a] was forced to acknowledge Abu Bakr to avoid disunity Then the other companions acknowledged him, too.

Al-Miqdad paid homage and began waging holy war. He taught people the Qur'an. His reading became famous all over Shaam.

Al-Miqdad stayed loyal to Allah and His Apostle. He did not change his opinion.

The Second Caliph appointed six persons. They were Ali bin Abu-Talib [a] Uthman bin Affan, Abdul-Rahman bin Auf, Saad bin Abi-Wakkas, al-Zubair bin al-Awam, and Talha bin Abdullah. The appointed persons held a meeting to elect one of them caliph.

Some Companions hoped that Imam Ali [a] would be elected. Thus al-Miqdad shouted to make the appointed person hear:

If you appoint Ali caliph, we'll hear and obey.

Ammar bin Yasir supported al-Miqdad. But the ambitious persons played an important role. So, Uthman was appointed caliph.


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