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Narrations of Hazrat Abdolazim

Narrations of Hazrat Abdolazim


Hazrat abdolazim as a famous narrator, has narrated various narrations from the imams. Here, we mention just some. Abdolazim, with some intermediaries, quotes Asbat as saying:I was at the service of emam sadegh.
Someone was asking him about the holy verse(truly in it are tokens for motewassemin) and asked who are they? Emam answered: motewassemin are us and the Sabil is the route we are faring that is, people should follow the same way to reach the target.

Abdolazim quotes emam reza as saying: give my salutes to my friends and tell them not to open a way in their heart for evil and order them to follow truth and right words and keeping trust as this causes the close ties between us.

Abdolazim narrates emam javad and he from his father that said:I heard emam Sadegh says: disobeying instructions of the parents is big sin as God has introduced a person cursed by the parents as wicked and ill-destined.

Abdolazim, p.b.u.h. said :I asked emam Javad to narrate us a narration from his fathers. Emam Javad answered: my father quoting his father and grandfathers quoted hazrat Ali as saying: you can never make people get near to you through your wealth and assets, but you can do that by correct morals and ethics and when I asked him to elaborate this, he said: animosity with servants of God is a bad thing for the resurrection day.

Hazrat Abdolazim Hasani said: I heard hazrat Hadi as saying: by Rajim we mean getting far from graces of God and it is the devil who was Rajeem, i.e. being driven away from the kingdom of God and no believer can mention it but through cursing Evil or Satan.

Hazrat Abdolazim narrates emam Javad and he in turn quoting his fathers and they from emam Sajjad as saying: one day Salman farsi invited Abuzar Ghaffari to his house and from among bags, he took out a piece of dry bread and splashed some water on it. Abuzar said how good it was if there was some salt to pour on it.

Salman went out and put in pledge his bowl and prepared some salt and put it before abuzar. Abuzar ate from the salted bread and said: I thank God for giving us such amount of contentment and added: if there was contentment, your bowl would not be held in pledge. Hazrat Abdolazzim says: one day I went to the audience of Emam Mohammad taghi and I heard this melodious saying from Imam who said: visiting friends causes tranquility and health of the wisdom even if it is a short visit.

Once emam Reza turned face to hazrat abdolazim and taught him some ethical lessons so he could reflect them to the shiites and companions. The text is :o'Abdolazim, give my salutes to friends and tell them not to lead satan into their hearts and to be honest in their sayings and return the trusts to their owners.

To get away from useless disputes and quarrels and try to keep silent. To visit one another as it is a way of getting near to me. They should not arouse animosity and enmity among themselves and no to backbite each other, as I have pledged to asked God to punish such people if they cause agony of my friends.

And remember that God has forgiven the sinners among them and has put his mercy on the good ones. One day hazrat Abdolazim heard emam Hadi as saying:verily God took Ebrahim as his friend because he sent salutations to Muhamamd and the household of him. Abdolazim said once I was in the audience of emam Javad.

I asked: o' you the son of the Prophet narrate me something from your fathers. Emam Javad said: my fathers quoted from Ali as saying: anyone who considers himself as needless has put himself in risk. Anyone who suffers self-conceit and arrogance shall perish. Anyone who believes that what he gives has something in return, will never give up forgiving.

Abdolazim also narrated emam Javad as saying emmam Ali said: the value of everybody is equal to his good deeds. Emmam Mohammad Bagher told ibn Moslem: beware people would not deceive you as You are responsible for your own deeds and they donot concern others. Donot let your life pass in nullity and uselessness as there are people with you who write down your daily works and deeds(angels).

If your did a good act donot consider it as a subtle thing as it will someday rebounce on you. I saw nothing better than good deeds that take people to the right path. Abdolazim says one day I went to the presence of emam Javad and said: o' son of the prophet, narrate us something from your endeared fathers.

Emmam javad quoted from fathers and they from emam Ali that the knowledge and character of every person is hidden under his tongue. And also: he who knows his own value will not be perished. Thinking over deeds before doing them keeps you from getting remorseful..

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