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Offering His Beliefs to Emam Hadi (AS)

Offering His Beliefs to Emam Hadi (AS)


Sheikh Sadough and others have narrated from Abdolazim Hassani that he said: I was received in audience of Emam Hadi and when that emam saw me said: hail to you Abolghasem you are our real friend, I said : o’ son of the prophet of Islam, I want to offer my religion to you to see if it is permissible and accepted by you or not. The emam said: come and begin.
I said: God is one and there is nothing similar to It and it is beyond the allusion and similarity. It is not form and essence nor is it matter or the things like it, rather, It is beyond all these things and God is owner of all the things and everything has been made by It. I went on: Mohammad (pbuh), is his messenger and believer and the last of the messengers of God.

The shariah of Mohammad is the last and till resurrection day there will not be any other religion but his. I say the emam and caliph after the holy prophet is Ali ibn Abitaleb and after him Emam Hassan followed by emam Hossein and then Ali bin Hussein and then Mohammad bin Ali, then Jafar ibn Mohammad, then Moussabin jafar, then Ali bin Moussa, then Mohamad bin Ali, and after them you are the Imam to be followed by the believers, here, emam Ali Naghi told Abdolazim:after me, Hassan my son will be the imam what will people say about the imam after him, he said: I asked imam: how will be the current of life after the said Imam.

Imam said: because his body is not seen and it is not allowed to mention his name until he comes out of the occult and fills the world with justice as it will be filled with tyranny and oppression / I said I believe in this occult Imam that means I believe in Hassan Askari and the Imam after him.

Now I say: the friend of these emams is the friend of God and their enemy is enemy of God and submission to them is submission to God and the hell and paradise is Hagh and the balance is Hagh and I believe that Ghiamat is surely coming and it is Hagh to be questioned in the tomb and God makes Nass alive and those who are entombed and I believe the Wajebat after belief in Welayat are prayers, zakat, fasting Hajj, Jahad and ordering the Maaruf and prohibiting the Monkar.

As Hazrat Abdolazim offered his religion and beliefs to the emam of his time Hazrat Hadi, and Hazrat hadi verified him and endorsed him and said: o’ abolghassem, verily this is the religion of the God who has considered as chosen religion for his mankind, you remain on the same belief and may God keep you perseverant in following this path.

Anyhow, by looking into the life of Abdolazim, it becomes apparent that he was among the pious people of his time and era. Emam Hadi told Hazrat Abdolazim, verily this is the same religion offered by the prophet and this is the religion of my fathers. Be firm on your belief and this is the best thing he has been endorsed by emam Hadi .

Hazrat Abdolazim was among shiite scholars with high esteem and respect and is among high ranking personalities and narrators. The reason he was so meek and loved by the emams is that he was so humble towards the emams and did not recalcitrate their orders. He believed in their orders and believed in their emamate and wesayat.

From the early times he was in Medina, he was encircled by the close authorities of emams and his character was welcome by their entourage and intimate friends. According to a narration, it shows that he died at the time of emamat of emam Hadi. And his birthdate and death time are not clearly known.

That it is said he was born in 202 is not correct because hazrat Abdolazim is the narrator of Hesham ibn Hakam and he died in 198 and also Abdolazim was received in audience by emam Reza and emam has sent a message to shiites through him and we also know that emam Reza was martyred in 203 and if Abdolazim was born in 202, it means he has received the message at the age of one and it is not reasonable. However, sheikh agha Bozorg Tehrani has registered the death of hazrat Abdolazim in half Shawwal 252.

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