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Between Makkah and Medina

Between Makkah and Medina


 As mentioned, the first rite in Mina on the 10th is ramyof Jamrat al‑`Aqabah, after that the offering of hady, and then thirdly, halq or taqsir. We have already discussed the third under the head "Halq or Taqsir." We have referred to the rule about doing the halq or taqsir before the dhabh when discussing the order of the rites under the head "In Mina", where the reader will find its details.

 When the pilgrim completes his rites in Mina on the day of `Id (such as ramyand dhabh), he returns to Makkah to perform the tawaf al‑ziyarah; then he offers its related rak'atayn and performs the sa’y between Safa and Marwah. According to the four Sunni schools, he returns to Mina after that tawafand everything becomes permissible to him thereupon, even sex. According to the Imamiyyah, he has to perform another tawafthe tawaf al‑nisa', and offer its related rak'atayn. Sex does not become permissible to the pilgrim, from the Imamiyyah viewpoint, without this tawafwhich we have already discussed in detail above.

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