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Back You are here: Home Library Conditions for the Hajjah al-Islam to be Obligator a. Financial ability; which includes:

a. Financial ability; which includes:

a. Financial ability; which includes:

1- Provisions, baggage, travel costs, and the means of transportation.
2- Provision for one’s family during his / her trip.
3- Necessities of life and what one needs for living.
4- Return to competence (i. e. enjoying a normal life after returninh home).

1- Provisions and the Means of Transportation.
What is meant by provisions is every thing that one needs in their travel like food, water and other necessities of traveling; and the means of transportation is the vehicle by which one can travel.
Issue 9. Hajj is not obligatory for a person who does not have provisions and the means of transportation nor has something to be spent on them. The mere potential ability, e.g. ability to work and obtain them is not sufficient.
Issue 10. It is a condition that he should own enough money to return to his home or to any other place which he had previously intended to go there.
Issue 11. If one has nothing by which he can afford the hajj expenses but someone owes him an amount which would cover the hajj expenses or act as a complement to it, he must claim it if it is due, the debtor is rich enough and it is not unbearably hard for him to claim the amount.
Issue 12. If a husband owes his wife the dowry which covers her hajj expenses, 

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