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b- Physical Ability.

b- Physical Ability.

It means to be physically able to perform hajj. Hajj is not obligatory for the sick, the old or those who are either unable or would face extraordinary hardship to go to hajj.
Issue 38. Remaining physically able is a condition. If one falls sick during his journey, before ihÌ£rām, then if it is in the first year that he becomes mustatÄ«‘ and the sickness prevents him from continuing the journey, he is not physically mustatÄ«‘ and not obliged to hire someone else. While one who goes to hajj after it has already settled on him but the sickness disables him from continuing the journey and he becomes hopeless that he would be able to perform hajj without extraordinary hardship even in the next years, then he is obliged to hire someone else. However, if he does hope that he would be able to perform hajj, hajj will remain in his debt. If one becomes sick after ihÌ£rām, there are special rules to be applied on him.

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