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c- Sirbī Ability

c- Sirbī Ability

It means the route to hajj is open and safe. Hajj is not obligatory if the route is closed in such a way that one cannot reach mīqāt or complete his hajj rites. Hajj is not obligatory either if the route is open but unsafe i.e. there is a danger to oneself, his body, his honor or his money.
Issue 38. If one has the expenditures required for hajj and they registered to go to hajj without delay but their name does not appear in the draw and they cannot go to hajj in the same year due to that, they are not mustatÌ£i‘ and hajj is not obligatory for them. However, if going to hajj in the following year is dependent on registering and paying the money in the present year, one should, by obligatory caution, do that.

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