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Hajj al-Ifrad and Al‘Umrah al-Mufradah

Hajj al-Ifrad and ‘Umrah al-Mufradah

The method of hajj al-ifrād is the same as hajj al-tamattu‘ except that the hady in hajj al-tamattu‘ is obligatory while it is mustahÌ£abb in hajj al-ifrād. ‘umrah al-mufradah is similar to ‘umrah of tamattu‘ except in the following:

Issue 71. TaqsÄ«r is obligatory in ‘umrah of tamattu‘ while in ‘umrah al-mufradah one has a choice in doing taqsÄ«r or hÌ£alq, that is only for men. Women, in general, are obliged to do taqsÄ«r.
Issue 72. Tawāf of women and its prayer are not obligatory in ‘umrah of tamattu‘, although, based on caution, it is better to do them in the hope that they are desired in shar‘ while they are obligatory in ‘umrah al-mufradah.
Issue 73. ‘umrah of tamattu‘ could not be done but in the months of hajj (i.e. Shawwāl, Dhul-qi‘dah and Dhu'l-hijjah), while ‘umrah al-mufradah could be done in all months.
Issue 74. In ‘umrah of tamattu‘ it is obligatory to put on ihÌ£rām in one of the mÄ«qāts (that will be mentioned), while the mÄ«qāt of ‘umrah al-mufradah is Adnā al-hÌ£ill (the boundaries of the HÌ£aram of Mecca), for the one who is Mecca although there is no problem to put on ihÌ£rām for it from one of the mÄ«qāts.
However, a person who is not in Mecca and wants to put on ihram for ‘umrah al-mufradah, he should do so in one of mÄ«qāts.

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