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Hazrat Fatima bint-e-Hazm bin Khalid (also known as Umm-ul-Baneen) was the wife of Imam

Ali(AS) and mother of Hazrat Abbas(AS)

Hazrat Fatima binte Hazam bin Khalid Ibn-e-Rabi'e Ibn-e-Amer Kalbi belonged

to the clan of Banu Kilah, which was one the noblest families amongst the

Hashimites and famous for the bravery and valour of its warriors.

She was born in 5 A.H. Some years after the martyrdom of Hazrat Fatima

Zahra(SA), Imam Ali(AS) expressed his desire to his brother Aqil bin Abi

Talib(AS) to marry a women of a brave and warrior tribe. Hazrat Aqeel was

a very knowledgeable in tribe genealogy and he immediately proposed the name

of Hazrat Fatima binte Hazam bin Khalid and the marriage took place soon


Much earlier during 8 A.H., Imam Ali(AS) had been given the prophecy by

Prophet Mohammad(sawaw) of a brave son who would be martyred alongside with

his brother Imam Hussain(AS) on the day of Ashura. Eversince then, Imam

Ali(AS) had been waiting for the birth of that son which came in the

person of Hazrat Abbas(AS).

Hazrat Umm-ul-Baneen came to the house of Imam Ali(AS) knowing very well

that before her the chief of the women of paradise, Hazrat Fatima

Zahra(SA) was living in that house. She served Imam Ali(AS) in the same

manner as Hazrat Umm-e-Salma had served the Holy Prophet(sawaw) after the

demise of Hazrat Khadija(SA). Immediately stepping in  the house, she

vowed herself to act as a slave of the children of Hazrat Fatima(SA). Her

sincerity was much respected by the children of Hazrat Fatima(SA) that

they always gave her a high status and respect.

Fatima Binte Hazam was an accomplished and cultured lady, and bore Hazrat

Ali's four sons, Abbas, Abdullah, Jafer and Usman. The meaning of 'Ummul

Baneen' is 'Mother of Sons'. All of her sons were martyred along with Imam

Husain. After their martyrdom, she requested people not to call her 'Ummul

Baneen' ever again.

When Imam Husain(AS) was leaving Madinah for Iraq Hadrat Ummul Baneen

asked her four sons, Hadrat Abbas(AS), Abdulla, Ja'far and Usman to

sacrifice their lives in the sacred cause of Imam Husain(AS).

On 10th Muharram 61 A.H.,the day of martyrdom of Imam Husain(AS) and his

72 faithful companions at the battlefield of Karbala when Hadrat Umme

Salamah witnessed that the earth in the bottle given to her by the Holy

Prophet(sawaw) had turned into blood she raised the cry of "Ya Husain" Ya

Husain" and declared that Imam Husain(AS) has been martyred according to

the prophecy foretold to her by the Holy Prophet(sawaw) about the martyrdom

of Imam Husain(AS).

Then Ummul Baneen gathered women of Madinah in her house and all cried for

the martyrdom of Imam Husain(AS).This was the first ever Majlis conducted

after the martyrdom of Imam Husain(AS).

Ummul Baneen had such sincerity toward the Holy Prophet's progeny that she

loved Imam Hussain(AS) more than her own children. A feeling which was

from the bottom of her heart. It was to the extent that when she received

the news stating the martyrdom of her four children, she said: "Tell me

about Hussain (AS)" and when she received the news of Imam Hussain

(AS)'s martyrdom she said: "All of the arteries of my heart are torn. May

all of my children and what ever that exists under this azure heaven be


sacrificed for the sake of Imam Hussain (AS). 

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