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Some companions buried in baqee

The blessing that any spot of the earth can gain is related for Allah only and not for another one, from these spots is al Baqee, where the best bodies have been buried.

Othman bin Maz'un

He is Abu al Sa'ab Othman bin "son" Mathun bin Habeeb bin Wahab bin Huthafa bin Jumh bin Ewmro bin Huseis bin Kab bin Lwy bin Ghalb al Jumhy al Qurshy.

He born during the Pre-Islamic time, but he used the way of the wise, they called him as a Wiseman at that time. He converted to Islam after 12 men, before the Prophet's entry to al Arqam house.

He is the first companion buried in al Baqee, also from the first who went to Ethiopia, and then to al Medina. He shared in Bader battle, was a brave man, fasting the day worshiping the night. After his death, the Prophet said, we shall bury him in al Baqee. The Prophet, (P.B.U.H&H.P), himself buried Othman, when Ibrahim, the son of the Prophet died also buried in the same area.

The historians said that the first grave in al Baqee is Othman's, since this place was not a cemetery before that, the Prophet, PBUH, put a cloth on his grave, where it was the first grave with cloth, also the Prophet, (P.B.U.H&H.P), visited him many times, he is buried in the beginning of al Baqee

Muhammad bin al Hanafia

 He is Muhammad bin al Imam Ali, (A.S), known as bin al Hanafia, since his mother, Khula, is from Beni Huneifa. He was a brave man, in al Jamal Battle the flag of al Imam Ali, (A.S), held by bin al Hanafia, where some people said that your father used you to keep al Hassan and al Hussein save, but he said: they are his eyes and I am his right hand, he uses his hand to keep his eyes save.

Ibn al Zubair arrested bin al Hanafia and other companions, where he wanted to kill them since they did not admit him as caliph, so Seyyd Muhammad asked al Mukhtar to give them hand, and the army of al Kufa brought bin al Hanafia back.

Al Imam Ali, (A.S), asked al Imam al Hassan to be kind with bin al Hanafia" Be careful with your brother bin al Hanafia, he is the son of your father, you knows my love for him". He died during the time of Abd al Malek bin Marwan, 81 AH, with 65 years old.

The Aunts of the Prophet (P.B.U.H&H.P)

Safia:  She is the daughter of abd al Mutaleb, she was brave, killed a Jewish man during al Ahzab battle, where he was among the Muslims women. In addition, she was patient, when she knew the death of her brother, Hamza, she said it is less to be for the sake of Allah. She died in 20 AH, with 73 years old.

Ateka: She is the daughter of abd al Mutaleb, after her convert she moved to al Medina. She had got married with Abi Ummaya bin Mughyra al Makhzumi. Her children are; Abd Allah, Zuhair, and two girls. Before the battle of Bader, she saw in a dream a man threw a stone where it reached every house of Quraish accept Bani Zuhra, and this was a true in the battle. She is the sister of Safia. It mentioned that there was another aunt to the Prophet, (P.B.U.H&H.P), which is called Jumana daughter of abd al Mutaleb.

Ibrahim, the son of the Prophet (P.B.U.H&H.P)

His mother is Marry al Kutbia, born in 7 AH, when the husband of the midwife told the Prophet about the new boy, he called him Ibrahim, where he died with year and a half after his birth. The Prophet ordered that his son have been buried in al Baqee.

The mother of Al Imam Ali (A.S) Fatima bint Asad

She is Fatima daughter of Asad bin Hashem bin Abd Munaf bin Qusi. She is the first woman, who immigrated from Makah to al Medina on feet. She is the nurse to the Prophet (P.B.U.H&H.P) she immigrated with her son, al Imam Ali (A.S) to al Medina, and she was stick to the right way of Allah. She neither ate those cattle sacrificed to idols nor worshiped them. The Prophet (P.B.U.H&H.P) himself who buried her in the grave, where he clothed her with his shirt, also recited for her verses of the holy Quran and did prayer, and he said; there is no grave pressure to Fatima. When the Prophet (P.B.U.H&H.P) heard that Fatima bint Asad died, said to his companions let us go to my mother. When he reached the house, he put his shirt on her and held the funeral many times, and said; You are very good mother and nurse, the fire will not touch you, by Allah will, and my sitting in her grave is to provide width for her in the grave. She buried in al Baqee.

Al Abbas bin Abd al Mutaleb

He is al Abbas bin abd al Mutaleb bin Hashem bin Abd Munaf bin Qusay bin Kelab bin Mura, his nickname is Abu al Fadle. He had born in Mecca before the Elephant period 30 years. His mother is Nafila daughter of Khabab, who is the first woman that covered silk to the Holy Kabba, as an oath if she find her missing kid" al Abbas". He is the uncle of the Prophet (P.B.U.H&H.P) who was one of the honorable of Mecca men, also the manger of Holy Makah. He attended al Aqba meeting during the Prophet's, PBUH, time. He obliged to share against Muslims in Bader battle, he was lover to the prince of the believers, Imam Ali (A.S) He immigrated to al Medina before the entrance of the Muslims army to Mecca, where he shared the Muslims army in Mecca, and Hunnein. He did not admit Omar as the caliph of Islamic nation, he wanted al Imam, Ali (A.S) to be the caliph. Al Abbas is one of those did prayers on the day of Fatima al Zahra's death, became blind man at the end of his life, died in the first day of Ramadan, where al Imam Ali (A.S) and his son Abd Allah buried him in al Baqee near the graves of imams.

The Wives of the Prophet (P.B.U.H&H.P)

 All the wives of the Prophet (P.B.U.H&H.P), are buried in al Baqee, except Khadyja in Mecca and Maimuna in Sarf 10 KM away from Mecca. The wives in al Baqee buried near the daughters of the Prophet (P.B.U.H&H.P) and Aqeel bin Abi Talib are; Safia, Um Habiba, Jwiria, Um Salama, Zainab, al Helalia, Hafsa, Sawda and Aisha. 

Um Al Baneen, the wife of Imam Ali (A.S)

She is the mother of Abu al Fadle al Abbas, she was a kind woman. Her sons the four, murdered with al Imam al Hussein (A.S) in al Taf battle in Karbala. When she had been told that her sons killed in Karbala, she asked about al Hussein. Being lost their mother, al Hassan and al Hussein, she asked al Imam Ali to call her Um al Baneen so as they will not feel sad. She buried in al Baqee. 

Aqeel bin Abi Taleb

He is one of the brothers of al Imam Ali (A.S) older than al Imam 20 years. He had born 33 AH. His mother is Fatima bint Asad. The Prophet (P.B.U.H&H.P) loved him so much for him and his father sake. He knew all lineages of Arab, where al Imam Ali (A.S) asked him to choose him a wife, and Aqeel asked al Imam to marry Fatima al Kulabia, for the braveness of her tribe. He died 50 AH where he buried in al Baqee.

Muhammad bin Zaid

He is the grandson of al Imam Ali bin al Hussein (A.S) he buried in al Baqee near Aqeel bin Abi Taleb. 

Abd Allah bin Jafer, al Tayar: He is the oldest child to his father, he had born in Ethiopia, when his father was there, and he was the first Muslim child there. He had married lady Zainab, the daughter of al Imam Ali (A.S) he worked as a clerk with al Imam Ali (A.S) during his leadership the Islamic nation. When his father died, the Prophet (P.B.U.H&H.P) said: Abd Allah likes me, O Allah please help him to be the manager of his family". He shared al Imam Ali (A.S) many battles; al Jamel, Sefeen and al Nahrawan, also he was rich man, as well as was a generous one. His sons; Awn, and Muhammad had been murdered with their uncle, al Hussein (A.S) in al Taf battle. He died 80 AH or may be 84, 85 AH, during the time of Abd al Malek bin Marwan.

Ishmael bin al Imam al Sadiq 

 He is the son of al Imam al Sadiq bin al Imam al Baqir bin Ali bin al Hussein bin Ali bin Abi Taleb, called as Abi Muhammad and loyal. He had born in al Medina 100 to 103 AH, his mother is the first wife of al Imam al Sadiq, Fatima, who is the daughter of al Hussein the son of al Imam al Hassan (A.S) Ishmael group is related to him, died in 133 AH, near al Medina, during the time of his father. 

Al Muqdad bin Emrw

He is Muqdad bin Emrw bin Thalaba, bin Malek bin Rabaa bin Amer bin Matrwd al Bahraee, this is his real name, born 24 years before the coming of Islam, in Hadramoot, he was brave man since his environment was so. He was from the best companions, when the Prophet (P.B.U.H&H.P) calls to al Jihad, he was the firs be ready to fight the enemy. He died 33 AH, with 70 years old. 

Jaber Bin Abd Allah al Ansary 

He is Abu Abd Allah Jaber bi Abd Allah bin Emrw al Ansary al Khazraji from the companions of the Prophet (P.B.U.H&H.P) He had born 16 BH, He shared the Prophet, PBUH, many battles, as well as from the companions of al Imam Ali (A.S) and he was stick to the way of Ahl al Bayt (A.S) Abi al Zubeir said: I've seen Jaber al Ansary with a stick moving in Al Medina Streets saying, O people of Medina, Ali is the best, the one who denies is unbeliever, let their children know him well". He was a companion to the Prophet (P.B.U.H&H.P) al Imam Ali, al Hassan, al Hussein, and al Sajad as well as he saw al Imam al Baqir, but when al Baqir was a child, not an Imam. He was the first man visited the grave of al Imam al Hussein in the forty day after al Imam death. He was from the believers about the hereafter life. He shared in Bader and 18 other Battle with the Prophet (P.B.U.H&H.P) also Sefeen battle with al Imam Ali (A.S) died 78 AH. 

A Hara Martyrs

Al Hara is a place in al Medina, when the army of Yazeed bin Maawia came to al Medina, the people denied him as a leader to Islamic nation, so he murdered them in very silly way, where 7000 person from al Ansar and Immigrants, from Bani Hashem and others. Yazeed who threw the Holy Kabbah with catapult. They buried in al Baqee.

Others buried in al Baqee : Some sons or grandson to al Imam al Sajad, al Baqir and al Sadiq (A.S) Zaid bin al Arqam, Hamida and Ruqia the wives of Muslim bin Aqeel as well as his brother Abd al Rehman, also al Hassan al Muthana, Hassan bin Thabet, Jafar bin al Hassan, Sahel bin Saad al Sa'ady and Osama bin Zaid.....

Source: Al-Baqee

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