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AhlulBaits (A.S) Before Adam (A.S)

Here are some of the Hadees which says that the Spirits(Ruh)/Lights(Noor) of Ahlulbayt(A.S) were created before creation of Adam(A.S) from Clay:

Ali ibn Muhammad has narrated from Sahl ibn Ziyad from Musa ibn al-Qasim ibn Mu‘awiya and Muhammad ibn Yahya from al-‘Amrakiy ibn Ali altogether from Ali ibn Ja'far from abu al-Hassan Musa (A.S) who has said the following:

Imam abu ‘Abdallah (A.S) has said, ‘Allah, the Most Holy, the Most High, created us and He made our creation the best. He formed us and made our the best. He made us the treasurers of in His heavens and His earth. For us the tree spoke and with our worship Allah, the Most Holy, the Most High, is worshiped. Had we not been in existence Allah would not have been worshiped.

[Source: Al-Kafi, Vol. 1 Pg. 193]

[Note: Authentic Hadees as per Chain of narrations. Mirat Al-Uqool - Allama Majlisi Vol. 2, Pg. 349]

Muhammad ibn al-Hassan ibn Ahmad ibn al-Walid - may God be pleased with him - narrated that Muhammad ibn Khalid al-Hashemi quoted Al-Hassan ibn Himad al-Basry, on the authority of his father, on the authority of Abil Jarud, on the authority of Muhammad ibn Abdullah, on the authority of his father, on the authority of his forefathers that God’s Prophet (P.B.U.H&H.P) said:

“Both Ali and I were a single light near God four thousand years before he created Adam. When God created Adam, God placed this light in his loins and transferred it through him from one generation to the next generation until it reached the loins of Abdul Mutalib. Then God took it out of Abdul Mutalib's loin; divided it into two parts; placed one part in Abdullah's loins; and placed the other part in Abi Talib’s loins. Thus, Ali (A.S) is from me and I am from Ali (A.S). His flesh is from my flesh and his blood is from my blood. Whoever loves me will also love Ali (A.S). Whoever is Ali’s enemy will be my enemy.”

[Source: Al-Khisal - Sheikh Sadooq, Vol. 2 Pg. 172 ]

Ahmad ibn Muhammad has narrated from Muhammad ibn al-Hassan from Muhammad ibn ‘Isa ibn ‘Ubayd from Muhammad ibn Shu‘ayb from ‘Imran ibn Ishaq al-Za‘farani from Muhammad ibn Marwan who has said the following:

"I heard abu ‘Abd Allah (A.S) say, ‘Allah has created us from the light of His greatness. Thereafter He shaped our form from a preserved and hidden clay under the Throne. Then He made that light to reside in that clay. We were then a Nooraani (light) creature of the human being species. He has not placed anything as a share from that which we were created in anyone else. He has created the spirits of our Shi‘a from our clay and their bodies from a preserved and hidden clay from below that clay. Allah has not placed anything as a share of that which they are created in anyone except the prophets. Therefore, our followers and we became the people. The rest of the people became riffraff for the fire and to the fire."

[Source: Al-Kaafi, Vol.1 Pg. 389]

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