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Special Favor towards Shiites

A group of people from Isfahan including Abu’l-`Abbas Ahmad ibn Nazar and Abu-Ja`far Muhammad ibn Alawiah report: In Isfahan, there was a man of Shi`ite faith named `Abd al-Rahman. He was asked, “Why in our time you have made belief in the Imamate of `Ali al-Naqi (A.S) incumbent upon yourself?” He answered: I have seen something which made the Imam’s leadership obligatory to me: I dare to say I was a needy man and one year, the people of Isfahan sent me along with other persons to the court of al-Mutawakkil, the `Abbasid ruler, to plead for justice. We were in Mutawakkil’s court when the order to summon `Ali ibn Muhammad ibn Rida was issued. I asked some of the persons present in the court who this man was. It was said that he was an Alawi in whose Imamate the heretics believe. Mutawakkil may have summoned him to kill him. I decided not to leave this place to see what he looks like. Finally He came on a horse while people were standing on the two sides of the road, watching him. As soon as I saw him, I began to love him and said: May Allah relieve him from the evil of Mutawakkil. He was looking only at the mane of his horse without paying attention to his right or left side. I was also praying for him. When he was passing by me, he turned his holy face towards me saying, “Allah has answered your prayer, prolonged your life, and made your wealth and children abundant.” Hearing this, I trembled and fell down among my friends, they asked, “What happened?” I said, “Just a blessing and said no more.” I then returned to Isfahan. Allah gave me such a fortune that in addition to what I have outside my house, I have assets worth several thousands of dirham at home. I am also blessed with ten children. I am now seventy and odd years, believing in the Imamate of that honourable Imam who knew what was in my mind and whose prayer Allah answered in relation to me.

[Al-Khara’ij wa’l-Jara’ih: 1/392, 11.]


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