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Superiority of Fatima to Aisha in Aloosi's view

Al-Aloosi one of the greatest Sunni scholars proves superiority of Lady Fatima to Aisha:
He writes in his book Rooh al-Maani in vol 2 page 150:
Some believe that Aisha is greater than Fatima. They based their claim on these reasons:
1. Prophet said: take two third of your religion from Aisha.
2. Aisha is with her husband, prophet in the paradise but Fatima is with her husband Ali then. And there is a big difference between prophet and Ali.
Here is Aloosi’s respond to this reasoning:
1. If the hadith is true, it only proves that she is knowledgeable and this doesn’t negate the same knowledge from Fatima. On the other hand had prophet known Fatima is alive long after him, he would have said about her: take your whole religion from her.
2. If this hadith is true, it entails that she is superior to her father, Abu bakr too because there is no such a hadith about him.
3. The Hadith of Thaghalayn indicates Fatima’s superiority and it is more reliable.
4. There are some hadiths that contradicts with Aisha’s superiority.
Ibn Jarir narrates from Ammar Ibn Saad that he said: Prophet said to me Khadija is superior to the women of my nation as Marry is superior to the women of the world.
5. If being the companion of the prophet in his home in the paradise is the reason for her superiority, so it entrails that the other wives of the prophet are superior even to the other prophets because they were his companions in his home in this world.
Then Aloosi says that in my idea Fatima is superior then Khadija and then Aisha. Surprisingly he asserts that if someone says that the other daughters of the prophet were superior to Aisha, I don’t find it wrong.
[Rooh al-Maani in vol 2 page 150]
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