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Mention of Imam Mahdi (A.S) in Sermon of Ghadeer


Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H&H.P) in the sermon on the day of Ghadeer made mention of Imam Mahdi (A.S).

ألا إن خاتم الائمة منا القائم المهدي، ألا إنه الظاهر على الدين، ألا إنه المنتقم من الظالمين، ألا إنه فاتح الحصون وهادمها، ألا إنه قاتل كل قبيلة من أهل الشرك، ألا إنه المدرك بكل ثار لاولياء الله عزوجل، ألا أنه الناصر لدين الله، ألا إنه الغراف من بحر عميق، ألا إنه قسيم كل ذي فضل بفضله وكل ذي جهل بجهله، ألا إنه خيرة الله ومختاره، ألا إن وارث كل علم والمحيط به، إلا إنه المخبر عن ربه عزوجل والمنبه بأمر إيمانه، ألا إنه الرشيد السديد، ألا إنه المفوض إليه، ألا إنه قد بشر به من سلف بين يديه، ألا إنه الباقي حجة ولا حجة بعده، ولا حق إلا معه، ولا نور إلا عنده، ألا إنه لا غالب له ولا منصور عليه، ألا وإنه ولي الله في أرضه وحكمه في خلقه وأمينه في سره وعلانيته

He (P.B.U.H&H.P) said:
Know that the seal of the leaders from among us shall be the Qa’im, the Mahdi.
He shall, most certainly, prevail over (all) religious (methods of life).
He shall definitely be the avenger against the oppressors.
He shall surely be the conqueror of the strongholds and their demolisher.
He shall be, indeed, the destroyer of every polytheistic group.
He shall be the supporter of the religion of Allah.
He shall bring out (people’s share) from (his) deep ocean (of knowledge and divine resources).
He shall mark each man of distinction by his distinction and every man of ignorance by his ignorance.
Behold! He is the elite of Allah, and Allah is his chooser.
He shall be the heir of every knowledge, and the one who shall encompass [every perception]
He shall advise and inform on behalf of his Lord, the mighty and the majestic, and shall remind about the matters pertaining to His faith.
He shall be the right-minded and unerring, to whom authority shall be vested.
Behold! All former (prophets) have given the glad tidings of him.
Know that he shall be the remaining proof (of Allah), after whom there shall be no (new) proof.
There shall be no truth except with him, nor shall there be any light (of guidance) except at his disposal.
None, indeed, shall overcome him, and none shall be supported against him.
He shall be the authorized representative of Allah on His earth, His judge over His creation, and His trustee in His secrets and in what He made evident.
[Source: Ihtijaj – e- Tabarsi, Vol 1/Rawzadatul Waizeen, Part 1]

Ref: Marefate AhleBait (A.S).com

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