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50 Slaves doing prostration to Imam Alī an-Naqī (A.S)

It is narrated from Muhammad Hamdan, from Ibrahim Baltun, from his father, he said: “I was one of the gatekeepers of Mutawaakil. One day fifty slaves were gifted to him by Khazar, Mutawakkil ordered me to take their custody and treat them well.
A year later, I was in the court of Mutawakkil, while Abul-Hassan Imam Ali Ibn Muhammed An-Naqi (A.S) arrived, while Imam (A.S) took his seat, Mutawakkil ordered me to bring out those slaves from their shelters, hence I brought all of them. When they came, they all fell in prostration (Sajdah) for Abul-Hassan (A.S)
As soon as they saw him. Mutawwakkil couldn’t control his anger on seeing this, stood up and walked out, hiding himself behind the curtain. After a while Imam Abul-Hassan (A.S) left.
When Mutawakkil realized that he (A.S) has gone away, he came out and screamed in anger; “Woe unto you O Baltun! What have these slaves done?
I replied: “By Allah (S.W.T), I do not know at all”.
He said: ask them, and then I asked them about their action. They replied: “This (holy) person comes to us every year for ten days and teaches us religion and he is the vicegerent of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H&H.P)”.
Then Mutawakkil ordered me to kill them, and then I had to kill all of them.
Later that evening I went to Abul-Hassan (A.S), as I reached his door, the slave of Imam (A.S) looked at me, recognized me and allowed me to go inside. Then I entered the house.
Imam Hadi (A.S) was sitting, he asked: “What happened to those people O Baltun!?
I replied: “By Allah (S.W.T), all of them were killed.”
Imam (A.S) asked: “All of them?”
I replied: “Yes by Allah (S.W.T).”
He (A.S) said: “Would you like to see them?”
I replied: “Yes O, the son of Prophet (P.B.U.H&H.P)!”
He (A.S) pointed toward a curtain and told me to enter, as soon as I entered, I saw all of them were sitting (alive) and eating fruits kept in front of them!
[Source: As Saqib Fil Manaqib P 529]

Ref: Marefate AhleBait (A.S).com

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