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Sending Blessings on the Holy Prophet & his family (Salutation)

Allah and His Angels send blessings on the Prophet, O you who believe! Send your blessings on him, and solute him a thorough salutation”. (33:56) one of the best ways to know the personality of great men is to study their literature and listen to their words. As Imam Ali (A.S) states in Nahjul-Balagha: "Man is hidden behind his tongue” meaning by our words we introduce ourselves not with our certificates.
Different people according to their job use different jargons. Politicians have their own jargons, as physicians do, as drivers do etc. The jargons of truck drivers are different from professors. Therefore, when people talk you can more or less depending on your skills in this field can tell which class of society do they belong to.
First of all let’s read a Hadith from Imam Reza (A.S):
Shaykh Saduq one of our distinguishing Olama who was living in the 4th century AH has written a book named ‘Uyun-Akhbar Al-Reza ' meaning ‘the fountains of the wisdom words of Imam Reza’. I quote the Hadith under the consideration from this book.
Imam Reza (A.S): “O Allah! Send your blessings onto the one that Daily Prayers is honored with having the Salawat on him'.
Salam and Salawat on the Prophet is an established fact in the Quran. In Sura 33 verse 56 we recite:
Allah and His Angels send Salat on the Prophet, O you who believe! Send Salat on him and solute him a thorough salutation”. (33:56)
Sending Salam and Salawat to the prophet of Islam, is one of the distinguishing characteristics of our Prophet, of which the previous prophets were deprived. Muslims across the world from the time the above verse has been revealed up to the Day of Great Judgment are bound to send their Salawat onto the Prophet of Islam. Muslims five times a day when they call for Adhan and Eqama and even in their daily Prayers send their Salawat onto the Prophet of Islam.
This is due to the Divine Promise that “And We raised high for you your esteem” (94:4)

The Meaning of Salawat
1. Salawat is the plural form of Salat which simply means ‘to call' (Do'a). The reality of calling is that the person who calls tries to attract the attention of the one who is called to. This type of attracting the attention if it comes from a higher is called blessing (Rahmat) and if it comes from a lower is called pray (Do'a).

2. It is an established fact in Islamic Erfan that the existence of the Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H&H.P) is the first existent came from Allah. In other words, his existence is on the peak of the cone of the creation. That means the blessing of existence which contains all other blessings comes to the prophet first and then goes to others. The prayer of people to Allah does not reach Him unless through His Messenger, as the blessings of Allah does not reach His creatures unless through His Messenger.

Therefore, the Salawat of Allah to the Prophet since it comes from Allah the Omnipotent, He is sending the constant blessings to His Messenger and hence, the Prophet becomes ‘ Rahmatun-lelalamin' (blessing for the universe). As, the Salawat of people to the Prophet is to pray to God to send His blessings to them through the Prophet who is Rahmatun-Lelalamin.

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