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Ali Akbar in the Battlefield

A man from amongst the crowd shouted, "O Ali! You relate to Yazid - for his mother Layla was daughter of Maymoona daughter of Abi Sufyan - and we want to respect this relationship.
We may grant you an amnesty and a refuge if you wish".
He said "The kinship of the Apostle of God should be second to none." He pressed on proclaiming who he was.
Imam Hussein could not hold back his tears and shouted at Omar bin Sa'ad, "What has become of you? May Allah bereave you of your kindred as you have made me bereft of mine, and did not respect my relationship of the Prophet. May Allah set on you an adversary who will slay you in your bed." He then raised his hands to the sky and said:
"O Lord! Bear witness on those people for he who emerged to them is bearing a strong likeness to Your Prophet in all departments - resemblance of disposition, complexion, and logic. Hence we look at him when we crave to see Your Apostle."
Ali al-Akbar continued fighting. He killed all those who had the guts to meet him in duel. He killed scores of combatants.
He killed many well-known warriors. No one dared to come close to him in a single combat. Umar Sa'ad ordered his soldiers to kill him, saying, "When he dies, Hussein will not want to live! Ali Akbar is the life of Hussein."
Since thirst greatly contributed to his overstraining, he returned to his father to rest and state of what thirst had done to him. Hussein cried, appealed for help and said, "You will soon meet your grandfather who will water you from his tumbler that you will never be thirsty again".
Ali Akbar returned to the battlefield happy to be told by his father that be would meet his grandfather, the Prophet. He delved into their ranks dispersing them. It seemed as though it were his grandfather, Imam Ali roaring in the battle ground fighting them. He killed more Kufans.
When the death toll mounted, Murra bin Munqidh al-Abdi made a pledge saying, "I shall bear all the sins of the Arabs, if I do not bereave his father." He ran his lance into his back and dealt him a blow on his head causing it to split.
As Ali Akbar fell from his horse, he said, "O Father, my last salaams to you! Here is my grandfather, the Messenger of Allah, giving me my water. He says yours is here waiting for you".
When Hussein ibn Ali went to Akbar, Akbar placed his right hand on his wounded chest and his left arm over the shoulder of his father. Hussein ibn Ali asked, "Akbar, why do you embrace me with only one arm?"
Akbar did not reply. Hussein ibn Ali tried to move Akbar's right hand, but Akbar resisted. Hussein ibn Ali forcefully moved the hand. Then he saw the blade of the spear. Hussein ibn Ali laid Ali Akbar on the ground and sat on his knees, he placed both of his hands on the blade of the spear. He looked at Najaf, and said,
"Father, I too have come to my Khaybar!" He pulled out the blade. Ali Akbar sighed and died.
While lifting the spear from the chest of Ali Akbar, Hussein faced towards the direction of Najaf, where his father Ali ibn Abi Talib's grave was, and shouted out:
"O father, you lifted the gates of Khaybar, yet you never had to lift a spear from the chest of your own son. Come to Karbala and see me lifting the spear from the chest of my son, Ali Akbar."


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