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Conversation of Angels with Imam Hussein (A.S)

Shaikh Mufeed has narrated through his chain of transmitters that Imam Sadiq (A.S) said, that when Imam Hussein (A.S) left Medina, a group of Angels, having distinct marks, met him on the way. They carried swords in their hands and had mounted the horses of Paradise. They came to Imam (A.S), saluted him and said: "O Allah's Proof (Hujjah) upon the creatures after your Grandfather, Father and Brother! Allah the Glorious had rendered help to your Grandfather through our medium in many of his battles, and has now sent us to assist you." Imam (A.S) replied: "The Promised Land is called Karbala, thus you may come to me there."
They said: "O Proof of Allah! You may command whatever you desire and we will comply with it and obey you. If you fear the enemies we shall defend you against them."
Imam (A.S) replied:
"They have no way upon me and they will not be able to hurt me until I reach my (destined) mausoleum."

Derived from: Nafasul Mahmoom   
By: Sheikh Abbas Qummi

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