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The Situation of Umm-ul-Banin (S.A)

Umm ul Baneen

Lady Umm-ul-Banin took care of Hassan (A.S) and Hussein (A.S) so remarkably well that she had asked her husband not to call her with her name Fatima, so that this name would not remind these two boys of their mother. They, however, felt the extreme kindness and sympathy of this lady who could fill a part of the great loss of their own mother whose demise had left a deep sadness in their minds.

Emotionally, Umm-ul-Banin had great love for Hassan (A.S) and Hussein (A.S) because of their perfection and unique morality. She in fact loved them more than her own children. She also preferred them to her sons in taking care and responsibility.

Except for this great lady, history has never seen a fellow wife act so sincerely with her stepsons. This is because this perfect lady believed that it was her religious duty to take care of the two Imams the love for who is imposed by God and revealed in the Qur’an:
Say, ‘I do not ask you for any payment for my preaching to you except (your) love of (my near) relatives’.

[Holy Qur’an, Surah of ash-Shura (42), Verse 23]

Taken from: Al-Abbas
Written by: Badr Shahin
Ansariyan Publications - Qom

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