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Islamic medical wisdom

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Imam Sadiq (A.S) discussed medicine and hygiene and delivered valuable lectures that revealed the most accurate affairs of these sciences. He also discussed physiology, blood circulation and the microbes that affect diseases. Moreover, he reviewed the qualities of fruits, vegetables, meat, and the like. These physical and medical discoveries have been compiled in a book titled Tibbul-Imam Al-Sadiq Medicine of Imam Sadiq (A.S).

The Imam argued with the best physicians of his age and discussed the deepest and most accurate medical advances. Those physicians submitted to his knowledge and confessed of the questions he had provided. Most of these argumentations are recorded in the books dealing with the life of the Imam. We may consider that the best of these advances are those recorded in the book titled Amalil Imam Sadiq Dictations of Imam Sadiq (A.S), in which chapters pertaining to physiology with its accurate questions and topics are recorded.

The most modern scientific labs and analytic devises and technology have not attained the topics that are discussed in that book. Naturally, these treatises contributed in the development of hygiene. As much as we conceive, the most splendid physical theses that are related to the Imams (A.S) are those recorded in the book titled Ar-Risaletul Thehebiya, The Golden Treatise. It is also called Tibbul Imam Al-Reza, The Medicine of Imam Al-Reza (A.S).

Ref: Aalulbayt Global Information Center

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