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List of articles in category Al-Serat - A Journal of Islamic Studies
Title Hits
Elegy (Marthiya) on Husayn: Arabic and Persian Hits: 3965
Karbala and the Imam Husayn in Persian and Indo-Muslim literature Hits: 2399
The Scholarly Jihad of the Imams 95 - 148 A.H Hits: 2345
Revelation and Salvation Towards an Islamic View Of History Hits: 2387
The History of the Islamic Calendar in the Light of the Hijra Hits: 2885
Martyrdom of Imam Husayn and the Muslim and Jewish Calendars Hits: 2339
The Imam Husayn's Concepts of Religion and Leadership Hits: 2490
Imams - Clear and Coherent Policy Hits: 2868
The Principle of Ijtihad in Islam Hits: 2597
Temporary Marriage in Islamic Law Hits: 2710
Why "Islamic" Science? Hits: 2421
Islam and the Question of Violence Hits: 2764
Reflections on Islam and Modern Life Hits: 4472
Religious Education of the Younger Generation Hits: 2587
Al-Serat Islam, the Qur'an and the Arabic Literature Hits: 5246
The Excellences of the Imam Husayn in Sunni Hadith Tradition Hits: 2007
'Man la yahduruh al-Faqih' by Al-Saduq Hits: 2475
'Al-Kafi' by Al-Kulayni Hits: 2430
'Tahdhib al-Ahkam' and 'Al-Istibsar' by Al-Tusi Hits: 13302
The Fast of 'Ashura Hits: 2711
The Prophet and Prophetic Tradition - The Last Prophet and Universal Man Hits: 2132
The Interior Life in Islam Hits: 4696
The Spiritual Significance of Jihad Hits: 2312
The Concept Of Martyrdom In Islam Hits: 2077
The Illustrious Period of the Imamate of Imam Zayn al-'Abidin Hits: 2248
Imam Hasan 'The Myth of his Divorces' Hits: 4694
'Kitab al-Irshad' by Al-Mufid Hits: 4971
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