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Faith and Reason

Faith and Reason,
A Compendium of Fifty Questions and Answers Related to Islamic Theology, Jurisprudence and Other Themes

Compiled by
The Porch of Wisdom Cultural Institution

Translated by
A Group of Muslim Scholars

Published by:

The Islamic Education Board of the
World Federation of Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Muslim Communities
Registered Charity in the UK No. 282303
Islamic Centre - Wood Lane
Stanmore, Middlesex, United Kingdom, HA7 4LQ

List of articles in category Faith and Reason
Title Hits
Kiramah (Magnanimity): Stations and Meanings Hits: 3770
Brief Answer Hits: 3216
Detailed Answer Hits: 3409
Pure Wine in the Qur’an Hits: 3807
Brief Answer Hits: 4550
Detailed Answer Hits: 3684
Pre-requisites for understanding the Qur’an Hits: 3834
Brief Answer Hits: 3259
Detailed Answer Hits: 3253
al-Khidr’s actions in the Qur’an, Vide Sura al-Khaf: 80 Hits: 4971
Answer Hits: 3171
Existence of spirits within animals and its differnce from that of the Human Being Hits: 3400
Brief Answer Hits: 4310
Detailed Answer Hits: 3675
Limiting the Ahlul Bayt to a few individuals Hits: 3078
Brief Answer Hits: 3282
Detailed Answer Hits: 3344
Compatibility of Religion and Politics Hits: 3051
Brief Answer Hits: 2940
Detailed Answer Hits: 3110
Relationship between governance of a jurist and the authority of a jurist Hits: 2980
Brief Answer Hits: 3035
Detailed Answer Hits: 3310
Legal imitation of a Jurist (mujtahid) Hits: 3292
Brief Answer Hits: 2989
Detailed Answer Hits: 2868
Difference between hukm and fatwa Hits: 3315
Brief Answer Hits: 3003
Detailed Answer Hits: 2771
Religious Pluralism and different Interpretations of Religion Hits: 4236
Brief Answer Hits: 4062
Detailed Answer Hits: 3112
Other Publications by the Islamic Education Board Hits: 5877
Treatment of Illness and Supplication Hits: 4092
Brief Answer Hits: 3023
Canonization of the Qur’an Hits: 3656
Answer Hits: 3057
The names of the Imams in the Qur’an Hits: 3566
Brief Answer Hits: 4349
Detailed Answer Hits: 3238
Imamate at Childhood Hits: 2953
Brief Answer Hits: 3040
Detailed Answer Hits: 3169
Conditions to the fulfilment of Prayer Hits: 2865
Brief Answer Hits: 2924
Detailed Answer Hits: 3134
Sin: Reality, effect on Soul and Psyche Hits: 4016
Brief Answer Hits: 4301
Detailed Answer Hits: 3534
Self-Confidence and Trust in Allah Hits: 2747
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