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  • Do not Indulge in Drink


    The ill effects of alcohol are many while its advantages are few indeed. Firstly, the alcoholics gradually lose the power of working with their own strength and gradually slip into a condition where they cannot go on with the artificial and borrowed stimulation from drinks; secondly, the, will power of the alcoholic almost completely disappears in time, and they are thus made the victims of various moral and physical weaknesses which only degrade them.
    There are also some people of a balanced temperament who keep their drinking within limits. But it has been observed that even in such cases, both, physical and moral damage undoubtedly takes place and had they not taken even that limited quantity of alcohol, they would have been better people in every respect.
    In his book "Applied Pharmacy" Dr. A. J. Clark has listed the findings of many experiments about the effects of alcohol consumption. Some experts would convey an idea of the conclusions reached by scientists.
    In 1920 Smith and McDougal demonstrated experimentally that in the first stage of intoxication when the proportion in blood is less than 2 milligram per on cubic centimeter, apparently there is no effect on the system of the drunkard. But detailed experiments show that the speed of all activities and the general health are deleteriously affected. The inhibiting force of the emotions weakens and the centers exercising control over the emotion get so vitiated that every impulse of the drunkard gets immediately manifested.


  • Health benefits of movement, washing and drinking water


    One of the forms of behavior noted in the Qur'an is concealed in a revelation vouchsafed to the Prophet Ayyub (A.S):
    Remember our servant Ayyub when he called on his Lord: "Satan has afflicted me with exhaustion and suffering." "Stamp your foot! Here is a cool bath and water to drink." (Qur'an, 38:41-42)
    One of the pieces of advice given to the Prophet Ayyub (A.S) by Allah in the face of the exhaustion and suffering inflicted by Satan is "stamping the foot." This expression in the verse may be indicating the benefits of movement or sport.
    During sport, blood flow is accelerated, particularly by the movement of long muscles such as those in the legs (isometric movements) and the level of oxygen reaching the cells increases. As a result, the individual's fatigue is eliminated and he or she is energized as toxic substances are expelled from the body (Prof. Fehmi Tuncel, Bilim Teknik Dergisi (Journal of Science and Technology), January 1993.). At the same time, the body acquires increased resistance to microbes. People who take regular exercise possess broad, clean arteries and this has the effect of preventing them from clogging and thus of preventing heart disease (Barbara A. Brehm, “Your Health and Fitness,” Fitness Management Magazine, 1990.). In addition, regular exercise plays a role in the prevention of diabetes by regularizing the blood sugar balance. The beneficial effects of sport on the liver raise the levels of good cholesterol (Kathleen Mullen, Some Benefits of Exercise (Medical Times C. Brown Publishers: 1986)).
    What is more, walking barefoot is a very effective method of releasing the static electricity accumulated by the body. It serves as a kind of earthling of the body.

    It is He Who sends down water from the sky. From it you drink and from it come the shrubs among which you graze your herds.” (Qur’an, 16:10)
    As emphasized in the verse, washing is also known to be the most effective method of discharging the static electricity in the body. In addition to providing physical cleanliness, washing also reduces stress and tension. Washing therefore has a curative effect on many physical and psychological disorders, especially stress and fevers.
    In the verse, in addition to washing, drinking water is also recommended. The beneficial effects of water on all organs of the body cannot be ignored. The health of many organs-such as the sweat glands, the stomach, the intestines, the kidneys and the skin-is directly related to the presence of adequate amounts of water in the body. The treatment of all such disorders, as may arise in this field, is possible by means of providing extra water. The answer to fatigue, tiredness and drowsiness is again to increase the level of water in the body and thus to cleanse it of impurities.
    Implementing each of these recommendations, of vital importance to our physical and mental health, will bring about the ideal results. Each of these recommendations is also a manifestation of the verse: "We send down in the Qur'an that which is a healing and a mercy to the believers…" (Qur'an, 17:82)

    Taken from: Miracles of the Quran

  • Health guidelines from Islam

    The Prophet (P.B.U.H&H.P) recommended adequate sleep. He never deprived himself of sleep nor overslept.  He also advised and practiced  to sleep at the early part of the night, and to wake up early in the morning. Science research shows that going to bed early can help maintain a healthy weight, stay more productive, and avoid serious health problems (such as diabetes, obesity, and heart diseases).

    Prayer is one of the five fundamental requirements that a Muslim is obligated to perform. According to a hadith (authentic narrations from the prophet (P.B.U.H&H.P)), the Prophet (P.B.U.H&H.P) has reported to have said, “verily there is a cure in prayer”. There are some physical benefits in prayer, such as : In the beginning of the prayer, we move our hand and shoulder muscles therefore increasing the blood flow towards the torso. The heart in the most important organ in our body. Because it supplies fresh blood to all body tissues, the movements during prayer are a crucial source for exercise in our heart.  Certain positions makes our hips, elbows, knee and wrist joints, and backbone move in a way that forms a relation in our body.

    Ref: Health Fitness Revolution

  • Health in Islam – part 1

    Health 3

    Islam has adopted positively the principles of the general health to concentrate in the legislative fields. All of the precepts and laws of Islam yield the best fruits that preserve the physical health and guard against many diseases.

    Some Western physicians, after they had been acquainted with the Arab and Islamic medicine, accepted Islam. Dr. Georgeo Dar Blanto says, all of the Islamic precepts, rituals, and recommended practices have a good relation to health. They always intend to achieve two goals at the same time; religious and physical. Dr. Ronan confirms the same fact.

    Dr. Rondsandge says, The Islamic instructions represent health since they call to contentment and moderation in food and drink, cleaning, and washing with pure water five times a day before every ritual prayer. In addition, the ritual prayer is a set of physical activities. Islam has also decreed to confine those who are defected by infectious diseases. The Islamic sciences allot a great part of searches for the health conservation.

    Taken from: Aalulbayt Global Information Center

  • Why Ablution is obligatory?


    Ablution is obligatory before the five daily prayers in addition to other obligatory prayers except the Funeral Prayer. It is obligatory to wash the face and the two arms, and pass the hand over, for Shia, the head and the feet. Similarly, it is recommendable, in the ritual ablution, to wash the hands and rinse the mouth and the nose in addition to the other actions. The specialist physicians mention important advantages for the ablution. They are as follows:

    1. Water that is shed on the face and the hands helps in activating the dermal capillaries. This increases the heart vivacity, activates the body respiratory processes, and helps in inhalation and exhalation. Consequently, the perceptive motivated nerves are stimulated. Then, the stimulation moves to the whole cardiac, gastric, and plutonic nerves, as well as all of the organs and glands.

    2. Eyes are protected against ophthalmic because they are washed with water several times a day.

    3. The nasal channels are cleaned from the germs gathering there by rinsing the nose.

    4. The skin is protected against dermatomes. The face and the hands are uncovered organs that are vulnerable to the affection of microbes. Immunity will certainly be obtained if those organs are washed several times a day.

    5. The oral cavity is protected against the germs that penetrate because of the pollution of hands. If the hands are always clean, they will not carry any microbe. Diseases that affect the human body through polluted hands are the digestive parasites, typhoid, and paralysis. At any rate, the ablution is the most notable means of protecting the human bodies against such serious diseases.

    6. The ablution alleviate tense nerves and anger, as physicians aver. The Prophet (P.B.U.H&H.P) said: “Rage is the Satan. The Satan is created of fire. Water extinguishes fire. You should perform the ablution whenever you are enraged.”

    Taken from: Aalulbayt Global Information Center

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