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1- In our era we witness a great deal of changes that are caused by Islam, which is the greatest of the Divine Religions. It has obtained a new birth. Muslims have waken up and are returning to their origin. They are now seeking to remove their difficulties through the Islamic commandments, for not finding the solutions elsewhere.

As for the reason for the changes, one needs to discuss it separately. It is now important to know that the traces of the great changes, are seen throughout the Islamic world, and also in the NON-Islamic countries! Now the world wants to know what does Islam say? and what a new MESSAGE for the people may it have? In such a critical condition, it is our duty

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to present Islam as what it really is, and without any embellishment; by a clear cut and simple language; in order to be understood by all, and to satisfy the thirst of those who need to know more about the religion. We should speak it ourself, and not to let anybody else to speak for us, or to decide for us.

2- It can not be denied that, Islam Too, like the other important religions consists of different sects. Each sect, has it's own peculiarities, and yet, the differences are not such as to prevent co-operations and joint ventures among the groups. On the contrary, they may protect themselves through such mutual aids and co-operations, and stand firmly against the storms that are blown from West and East, preventing their enemies to do their tricks, and accomplish their purposes.

To develope such a mutual undersanding and co-operation, needs to follow especial orders, the most important of which is that; different sects should know each other well, so as to remove suspecions and pave the path for collective actions.

The best way for the sects to know each other, is to

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know the root and branches of their faith, and to obtain the knowledge by first hand, and from the well versed and the learned who are known and accepted by all among the sects. If we take our knowledge about a sect from him who is not aware enough; or from him who is an enemy, love and hatred will prevent truthful understanding.

3- Owing to the two above mentioned points, we have decided to summarize the Islamic principles and commandments with our stress on some especialities of the SHIITE SECT; to provide a writing with the following qualifications:__

A- That it may consist of a concise of the whole; so as to make the readers free of want of reading voluminous books.

B- That the discussions be clear cut, and void of difficult technical words used by the experts, without diminishing the main subjects.

C- That our main object is to mention the beliefs but not to ignore giving reasons if necessary.

Our proofs are taken from the holy book, traditions and wisdom.

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D- That the book may be free of concealments, flatterous courtesies and pre-judgements.

E- That modesty and the rules of etiquette be observed in relation to all religions and sects.

This pamphlet was written during my pilgrimage to Mecca, in which the spirit has more purity and vivacity. It was discussed in several several with the scholars and learned, and after much investigations it was finalized for publication.

We hope to reach the goals mentioned above and have it a saving in the resurrection day.

"Our lord! We have heard the call of one calling us to faith;" "Believe you in the lord." and we have believed. Our lord! Forgive us our sins. blot out from us our iniquities, and take to thyself our souls in the company of the righteous.

the holy QURØ·N S3:193


Qom : Amirolmomenin School


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