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Demise of Hazrat Abdolazim (AS)

That in what date abdolazim died there is no written document. In the book Rooh wa reihan, it is written: abdolazim died around the year 250 hegira but the book does not give any document for this.

Some writers say: by the narrtion from emam Ali Naghi about the virtues of abdolazim, it can be gathered that the abdolazim died during the imamate of ali Naghi and imam Naghi was martyred in 254. Emadzadeh, in the second volume of the life of hazrat Moussa bin Jafar, page 391 writes: hazrat abdolazim was martyred according to sheikh sadoogh in the year 252 but has not said in which book sheikh sadoogh has written this.

Allameh Majlesi in the book Mazar Behar writes: one of the shiites dreamed the holy prophet in dream that said: the body of one of my children will be borne from Sekkatolmawali( name of an alley) and will be buried in the garden of Abdoljabbar near an apple tree. When the shiite man awoke from sleep went to Abdoljabbar and proposed to buy the garden from him.

Abdoljabbar said: what do you want the garden for? The man recounted the dream he had dreamed. Abdoljabbar said : I have also dreamed the dream that you have dreamed. So I have endowed the garden for abdolazim and the shiites who will be buried here hereinafter.
After this event abdolazim became sick and died.

When he was undressed to be washed for burial, a piece of paper was found in his shirt that said: I am Abolghassem,Abdolazim, son of Abdollah, bin ali bin hassan alamir bin zeid bin hassan almojtaba bin ali bin abu taleb. Tarihi in the book Montakhab, writes that it is narrated that among those buried alive was abdolazim whose tomb is in shahrerey. In the book rooh wa reihan, he says: hazrat abdolazim while he was alive was buried by his enemies and he did not die a natural death. However God knows things better.

However, the late haj mirza Hossein Nouri in the book Lolo wa Marjan, denies this point 2- the purified shrine of hazrat abdolazim located in shahrerey was founded by Majdolmolk Ghomi in the year 480. Majdolmolk was driven away from the court of the soltan due to religious enmity with him and cut his body into pieces, then the cut off parts of the body were laid in a coffin and buried beside the shrine of imam Hossein.

The Ivan and shrine of abdolazim is the work of shah Tahmasb bin shah ismail Safawi. In the year 944 the late Fathali shah donated a silver shrine for hazrat abdolazim. In 1222 the late Nassereddin shah began golden work of the dome and the ivan and shrine of hazrat abdolazim and the mirror works and painting of the shrine was completed by Mirza agha khan Nouri who was prime minister of Iran.

The garden of hazrat abdolazim has four opposite doors. The door which is located towards the tomb and is considerd among very good quality inlaid work is donated by Fathali shah. The door which is directed towards the down part of the tomb is donated by Nassereddin shah the door which is north side of the tomb and is called the entrance is donated by Mohammad shah ghajar.

The door which is on the west side of the tomb is donated by the prime minister. 3- administration of the tomb(shrine): Atarodi in the book the life of hazrat abdolazim, writes: at the time of kingdom of shah Tahmasb the first which coincided with the year 936 one of the the great religious men of that time called Mir seyed hossein Khatamolmojtahedin was invited to Iran from Jabal Amel.

After arrival of the late Mir seyed Hossein to Iran, the then king of Iran entrusted the administration of the holy shrine of Hazrat Masumeh and harzat abdolazim and shah cheragh (ahmad ibn Mousa) as well as the tomb of sheikh safieddin , the grandfather of the safavid dyanasty in Ardebil to him. And presently the administration of these three tombs and tomb of safieddin is in the hands of the grand sons of Mir seyed Hossein.

Mr. Dr. Seyed Mohammad Ali Hedayati, the former minister of justice and the high ranking professor of Tehran University who is presently administrator of the holy shrine of hazrat abdolazim, is the twelfth son of late Mir seyed Hossein, whose progeny goes to Mohammad Dibah, the son of hazrat Sadegh.

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