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The Holy Shrine of Imam Hussein (AS)


+8 #5 Mrs.Rassoolbee 2015-11-05 06:58
It is time for the Sunnis, Shias and the other groups to come to a common understanding, after using logical judgement that the Prophet (pbuh) brought a final message from Allah Almighty to all the worlds. And the Prophet (pbuh) was given the title Rahmat al lil alameen meaning "a mercy to the worlds. The Prophet delivered this message and performed his duty towards his Lord Allah (SWT) . All those people who enter in the fold of islam by testifying that there is no God but One God only and Muhammad (pbuh) is His Messenger and abide by Allah's commands that is pray , fast, give charity and perform hajj (if they have the physical and economical means) are Muslims and form part of the Ummah (community of Muhammah (pbuh). The rest we leave to Allah SWT to judge, for He alone Sees everything, Hears everything and Knows everything (what is hidden and what is in the open). It is unfortunate that , we see some Sunnis including Wahabis and Salafis criticising Shias and some Shias, in turn, find faults in the companions or the wife of the prophet (pbuh). May Allah SWT hastens the appearance of the Great Imam Al-Mahdi who will bring peace , and clarify all misunderstandin g in the affairs of the Ummah and also to remove oppression and injustice from the world. Ameen.
+20 #4 mrsalim 2013-08-16 16:25
it saddens me to see so much of hatered between shia and sunni, yet we are supposed to follow 1 quran 1 teaching of our belovered nabi (as), why can't we stop for a moment and reflect, we are not god, who are we to judge who is right who is wrong , we need to unite and be good practicing muslims.
+15 #3 BeautifulSoldierofMahdi 2012-11-15 13:21
Ya rab ehdina ziyarat el Hussein as!!
+25 #2 RE: The Holy Shrine of Imam Hussein(AS)-Cam era 2Ach Rezaldy 2012-07-03 22:11
thanks share abt Imam Hussein (AS)
+26 #1 RE: The Holy Shrine of Imam Hussein(AS)-Cam era 2MUSTANSIR ALI MOHAMA 2011-12-05 02:12
please let us see live from karbala

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