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A Poem about Beloved Daughter of Imam Hussein (AS) - Hazrat Sakina (SA)

Beloved Daughter of Imam Hussein (AS) - Hazrat Sakina (SA)

Oh, our little lady Hazrat Sakina (SA)
Whose loving grandfather (AS) lies in Najaf
We little girls love you
Though we have not seen you

Oh, our beloved Sakina (SA)!
You suffered a lot at Kerbala
Where your brother Ali Asghar (AS) was martyred by Hurmala
They did not give him water

Instead they made him slaughter
Oh, our beloved Sakina (SA)!
Moharram is approaching, and it will be Ya Hussein,
Ya Hussein!

Muslims all over the world will mourn for your father
Imam Hussein (AS)
The tragedy and hardships that befell him will
Never be forgotten,

Moharram has always been a sad month for many generations.
Oh, our beloved Sakina (SA)!
After your father became shahid
With a few male companions he had

Your brother Imam Zainul Abedin (AS) was tortured
And all the ladies in the khaimah were captured
Oh, our beloved Sakina (SA)!
They tied all of you together in chains

Which was very tight and you were in pain.
They made you march and march in the hot desert
Little realizing they were torturing the Ahlul Bait (AS)
Oh, our beloved Sakina (SA)!

Shaam! Oh Shaam! Oh Shaam!
They made you march without pardah in the streets of Shaam.
Oh Sakina (SA), they prisoned you all in Shaam.
You became so ill that you finally left
This earthly world at the age of four in Shaam
Oh, our beloved Sakina (SA)!


By: Nayyar Hussain
source : www.jafariyanews.com/articles/2k3/17april_sakina%28sa%29.htm

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