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A Restatement of the History of Islam and Muslims

List of articles in category A Restatement of the History of Islam and Muslims
Title Hits
Chapter 57-Umar bin al-Khattab, the Second Khalifa of the Muslims Hits: 16622
Chapter 32-The Conquest of Makkah Hits: 4320
Chapter 33-The Battle of Hunayn Hits: 4558
Chapter34-The Expedition of Tabuk Hits: 3227
Chapter 35-The Proclamation of Hits: 3094
Chapter 36-The Last Expedition Hits: 2984
Chapter 37-The Farewell Pilgrimage Hits: 3122
Chapter 38-The Coronation of Ali ibn Abi Talib as the Future Sovereign of the Muslims and as Head of Hits: 4373
Chapter 39-Usama's Expedition Hits: 5508
Chapter 40-Abu Bakr as Leader in Prayers (s) Hits: 4404
Chapter 41-The Unwritten Testament Hits: 3041
Chapter 42-The Wives of the Muhammad Hits: 3836
Chapter 43-The Death of Muhammad, Hits: 3107
chapter 44-The Reaction of the Family and the Companions of Muhammad Mustafa to his Death Hits: 4756
Chapter 45-Muhammad Mustafa and his Succession Hits: 2800
Chapter 46-The Sunni Theory of Government Hits: 2592
Chapter 47-The Struggle for Power I Hits: 2890
Chapter 48-The Struggle for Power II Hits: 3063
Chapter 49-The Struggle for Power III Hits: 2758
Chapter 50-The Struggle for Power IV Hits: 3436
Chapter 51-A Critique of Saqifa Hits: 2912
Chapter 52-Saqifa and the Logic of History Hits: 2422
Chapter 53-Saad ibn Ubada, the Ansari Candidate for Caliphate Hits: 4016
chapter 54-Abu Bakr the first Khalifa of the Muslims Hits: 2941
Chapter 55-Principal Events of the Caliphate of Abu Bakr Hits: 2597
Chapter 56-Democracy and the Muslims Hits: 4819
Chapter 58-Uthman, the Third Khalifa of the Muslims Hits: 3449
Chapter 59-Ali ibn Abi Talib, the Fourth Caliph of the Muslims Hits: 2575
Chapter 60-Prelude to the War Hits: 5300
Chapter 61-The Battle of Basra (the battle of Camel) Hits: 5355
Chapter 62-The Change of Capital from Medina to Kufa Hits: 3176
Chapter 63-The Revival of the Umayyads Hits: 6067
Chapter 64-The Battle of Siffin Hits: 6970
Chapter 65-The Death of Malik al-Ashtar and the Loss of Egypt Hits: 5784
Chapter 66-The Assassination of Ali Hits: 5793
Chapter 67-Some Reflections on Ali's Caliphate Hits: 2813
Chapter 68-Ali's Internal and External and Internal Policy Hits: 2827
Chapter 69-Ali as an Apostle of Peace Hits: 3125
Chapter 70-Ali and the Ideals of Freedom and Liberty Hits: 2643
Chapter 71-A List of "Firsts" in Islam Hits: 3025
Chapter 72-The "Indispensability Equation" of Islam Hits: 3202
Chapter 73-The Sacrifices of Muhammad for Islam Hits: 2665
Chapter 74-The Major Failure of Abu Bakr and Umar Hits: 3519
Chaptet 75-Who Wrote the History of Islam and How? Hits: 5709
Chapter 28-The Treaty of Hudaybiyya Hits: 2924
Chapter 6-The Marriage of Muhammad Mustafa and Khadija Hits: 2627
Chapter 5-The Birth of Muhammad and the Early Years of his Life Hits: 2789
Chapter 4-Banu Hashim - Before the Birth of Islam Hits: 3253
Chapter 3-Arabia Before Islam Hits: 5766
Chapter 2-The Geography of Arabia Hits: 4223
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