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What is Islam?

What is Islam?


Beliefs, principles and a way of life

Imam Muhammad Shirazi

Translated by

Abdelmalik Badruddin Eagle


List of articles in category What is Islam?
Title Hits
8-Freedom in Islam Hits: 3057
Congregational Prayer (Salat al-Jama'a) Hits: 16580
The Basic Beliefs of Islam Hits: 3360
Translator's note Hits: 3089
A biographical sketch Hits: 3176
Foreword by the Author Hits: 3040
1-The Islamic Faith - an Introduction Hits: 3285
The Oneness and Unity of God (Tawhid) Hits: 5828
Prophethood Hits: 3365
Resurrection Hits: 3485
Paradise Hits: 2763
Heel Hits: 2881
The Day of Judgement Hits: 2812
The Justice of God Hits: 2917
Imamate Hits: 3259
3-Islamic Moral Qualities, Ethics and Ideals Hits: 3507
4-An Islamic Life-Style Hits: 3434
5-What is Forbidden in Islam Hits: 33279
6-Islamic Acts of Worship Hits: 3596
Praying Hits: 2787
Fasting Hits: 3271
Khums And Zakat Hits: 12499
Jihad Hits: 3121
Hajj Hits: 2882
7-Islamic Law (The Shari'a) Hits: 2660
Purification in Islam Hits: 2970
Ablutions (Wudu') Hits: 2911
Complete Wash (Ghusl) Hits: 3055
Tayammum Hits: 2879
Places For Worship Hits: 3099
Holy Shrines Hits: 3143
Supplication Hits: 4419
Enjoining what is Good and Forbidding what is Reprehensible Hits: 3083
I'tikaf Hits: 2857
Propagatiag Good Hits: 3297
Tawalli And Tabarri Hits: 4504
The Limits To Freedom Hits: 3049
Kinds Of Freedom Hits: 3186
9-Islamic Economics Hits: 3112
10-Peace In Islam Hits: 3109
11-Politics In Islam Hits: 3417
12-Society In Islam Hits: 3102
13-Islamic Rulings Hits: 2967
14-A Life Of Happiness Under the Bannes Of Islam Hits: 3271
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