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Faith and Reason

Faith and Reason,
A Compendium of Fifty Questions and Answers Related to Islamic Theology, Jurisprudence and Other Themes

Compiled by
The Porch of Wisdom Cultural Institution

Translated by
A Group of Muslim Scholars

Published by:

The Islamic Education Board of the
World Federation of Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Muslim Communities
Registered Charity in the UK No. 282303
Islamic Centre - Wood Lane
Stanmore, Middlesex, United Kingdom, HA7 4LQ

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Kiramah (Magnanimity): Stations and Meanings 2758
Brief Answer 2373
Detailed Answer 2494
Pure Wine in the Qur’an 2821
Brief Answer 3568
Detailed Answer 2732
Pre-requisites for understanding the Qur’an 2796
Brief Answer 2585
Detailed Answer 2384
al-Khidr’s actions in the Qur’an, Vide Sura al-Khaf: 80 3853
Answer 2466
Existence of spirits within animals and its differnce from that of the Human Being 2459
Brief Answer 3415
Detailed Answer 2906
Limiting the Ahlul Bayt to a few individuals 2336
Brief Answer 2491
Detailed Answer 2573
Compatibility of Religion and Politics 2251
Brief Answer 2259
Detailed Answer 2346
Relationship between governance of a jurist and the authority of a jurist 2269
Brief Answer 2213
Detailed Answer 2491
Legal imitation of a Jurist (mujtahid) 2527
Brief Answer 2203
Detailed Answer 2149
Difference between hukm and fatwa 2527
Brief Answer 2283
Detailed Answer 2103
Religious Pluralism and different Interpretations of Religion 3503
Brief Answer 3357
Detailed Answer 2471
Other Publications by the Islamic Education Board 5056
Treatment of Illness and Supplication 3369
Brief Answer 2231
Canonization of the Qur’an 2827
Answer 2267
The names of the Imams in the Qur’an 2690
Brief Answer 3511
Detailed Answer 2412
Imamate at Childhood 2155
Brief Answer 2247
Detailed Answer 2479
Conditions to the fulfilment of Prayer 2239
Brief Answer 2264
Detailed Answer 2435
Sin: Reality, effect on Soul and Psyche 3353
Brief Answer 3529
Detailed Answer 2592
Self-Confidence and Trust in Allah 2081
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