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A View at Fatimal – M’asooma’ s Life

“Peace be upon her”


Ghulaam Radha Haydari Abhari

Translated by

Sadiq Al-Mussawi

Publisher: Imam Ali Foundation

Lady Fatima Masuma (a) of Qum

Masuma Jaffer

Published by:

Jami‘at al-Zahra
Islamic Seminary for Women - Qum
First Edition 2003 – 1424 - 1382

Distributed by:

Ansariyan Publications
P.O. Box 187
22 Shohada St., Qum
Islamic Republic of Iran
Tel: ++89 251 7741744 Fax: 7742647

Imam al-Rida
A Historical and Biographical Research


Muhammad Jawad Fadlallah


Translated from the Arabic by:
Yasin T. al-Jibouri

The Twelve Successors
of the Holy Prophet
(peace be upon him and his Progeny)

Sayyid Murtada al-'Askari

Translation by:
Al-Qalam Translators and Writers Bureau
[Some corrections and content enrichment
by the Ahlul Bayt DILP team]

Beacons of Light
Muhammad, the Prophet, and Fatimah, the Radiant

A Partial translation of
I'lamu 'l Wara bi Alami 'l-Huda

by Abu Ali al Fadl ibn al Hasan ibn al Fadl at Tabarsi (c. 468/1076 - 548/1154)

Translated by Dr. Mahmoud Ayoub and Dr. Lynda Clarke

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